Mission & Vision

Our mission

As a group, we strive to be innovative, reliable and flexible on a daily basis. We offer our clients high-quality dairy products with an excellent price-quality ratio whilst simultaneously ensuring a sustainable relationship with our environment. We are driven by our passion for dairy.

Our vision

Continuity the our most important factor. By capitalising on the synergy between the different companies, we can provide innovative products and services to the market. We do this with our unique, high-quality dairy products as well as premium machinery and technological expertise.


Corporate social responsibility is an important theme within our companies. This begins at the source. Together with our in-house dairy-cattle breeders, we set up the Duurzame Weidezuivel (Sustainable Pasture Dairy) programme to maximise animal welfare and minimise our environmental impact. You can find more information about this programme via the website www.duurzameweidezuivel.nl.

In addition, the website will soon include more information about the Lekkerkerker Group's entire CSR policy.