About us

Creation of our companies

The companies in the Lekkerkerker Group were founded by Kees Lekkerkerker. As a young boy, he worked on his parents' farm and regularly helped his mother to make cheese. Kees never lost his interest in cheesemaking. In 1977, he started to make cheese and sell it in his own cheese shop.

In 1986, he expanded his expertise to include the production of other dairy products. Kees then set up the company De Natuurhoeve (now De Zuivelmakers) to sell the yoghurt he produced. He bought second-hand machinery for the production which he then fully restored.

At the end of the 1980s, Kees started to produce processed cheese and cream cheese. This resulted in the establishment of Lebo Kaas in 1991.

In the years prior to this, Kees worked on the trade and restoration of dairy machinery. In the early 90s, he did this as part of a small group of mechanics. In 1996, the business relocated to new premises in Lopik and developed into a highly valued and specialist group employing over 70 people.

In 2003, Lekkerkerker Dairy & Food Equipment set up a separate company called UsedDairyEquipment.com. This company specialises in the online sale of dairy machinery and equipment. The machines can be brought back into production without the need for restoration.

Thanks to rapid growth and a wealth of opportunities, the production of processed cheese at Lebo Kaas was hived off to a separate company – Kasi Food – at a different location. As a result, the production of processed cheese, herb butter and cheese specialities expanded into a huge range of custom-made cheese and dairy solutions for the industrial and retail sectors.

The youngest company in the group is De Zuivelmakers Zuivelconcepten. This company focuses on the development of new dairy concepts.

Present day

The companies were all built from scratch based on founder Kees Lekkerkerker's enterprising vision with valuable support from his wife Janny. Over the years, the two of them fully devoted themselves to making the companies the powerful force they are today. In addition, the second generation – their daughter Mariska and their son Niels – have actively worked within the businesses, and together with the management team, they have been running the companies since 2010. In 2014, Mariska and Niels were officially appointed to the position of director. Niels Lekkerkerker runs the machine branch and Mariska Lekkerkerker takes care of dairy production.